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We have been in the horse business since 1950.
My father Max Lawson started with Shetland Ponies and had many National Champion Halter and Performance horses. He then became interested in the Miniatures and has founded his breeding program around the "Rowdy" breeding.

Lazy "N" Redboy, is the key to our AMHA/AMHR breeding program.  We are thankful for the amazing herd sire he is, and for being the foundation of our breeding program.  Without his mark on our offspring, our goals would never have been attained. 

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After having a very successful miniature breeding program, we started back to the venture of Shetlands.  Daddy had started Shetlands in the early 50's and we moved on to miniatures. 

I began my search for the perfect stallion and fell upon B & L's Rock E Bright Day, he was a horse that I saw and had to have.  Bright is the type of horse that just takes my breath away day after day. 

Bright has many titles to his name and his Get are already following in his footsteps.  See Bright's page for more information and pictures.

Daddy retired from showing and I quickly found that I missed the show ring, I opened B & B Training  in 1984, and never looked back.  Training, horses and shows are what I live for.  I have been very blessed to have a very supportive husband, son and father who have helped me to achieve my goals and dreams along the way. 

We have not only raised but had the privilege to train alot  of the top horses in the Country. None would be possible with out my clients that have stayed with me through thick and thin.

Don't ever hesitate to give us the opportunity to show your next National Champion horse for you!
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2005 was the year that my precious boy Bright Day was named
Classic Performance Pony of the Year.  Larry Parnell of Parnell Stables trained and drove him for me.  This was Brights Victory lap at the 2005 Congress where I was honored to ride along side Larry to celebrate his victory.
Mathew Bagby
This is my precious grandson Mathew.  Looks like he is off to a good start as the future of Cross Country Farms!!!

Check out Mathews Page!!
*Max was loved by Many*
~ 2013 AMHR National GRAND Champion ~
Trained and Shown by Belinda Bagby